Welcome to Contractum Ltd!

Contractum Ltd is a debt collection company registered in England and Wales, no. 5755117, Data Protection Reg. no. Z143131X, VAT registered 977 7392 50. Contractum is a member of the Credit Services Association.

Contractum is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office ('ICO'), number Z143131X. The ICO is the UK body responsible for registering and vetting all data processors, and places an obligation on the holder to comply with the data protection principles, as well as ensuring that all key elements of data security are adhered to.

Contractum’s core client is Euro Parking Collection plc ('EPC'), a service provider administering traffic related penalties issued to foreign registered vehicles on behalf of over 450 issuing organisations in 15 European countries. Contractum’s key function, based on this POA, is to notify or remind the debtor by letter that a debt is still owed to the relevant issuing organisation.

Payments can be made here.

Please note, if you are making a payment to our Swedish bankgiro account and the bank requires an OCR number, please enter your case number below to generate your OCR number.

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